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Education is the manifestation of perfection already existing in man, as per this saying every human being has some qualities in him and the knowledge to find these qualities makes him an educated being.

Present generation is breathing in Science and technology. Students of today have high ambitions and equally high targets to achieve, which need hard work and dedication. Somehow, to achieve high ambitions in life, one has to work very hard, but equally important role is played by the environment. In this regard a child’s first Alma mates plays most important role, i.e School. Inculcation of various abilities moral values, mannerism, respect for elders and teachers all are sown at childhood age converts a small child into a balanced human being. Thus, the grooming of a young seedling should be in such a way that it grows into a giant tree and brighten the surroundings of the nation’s development.


A true principal makes his followers greater teachers than they were before. Every month, the 4th Saturday is solely dedicated for the Lesson plan preparation for the ensuring month. Teachers are segregated according to their subjects. The HOD’s of the various departments take the lead to discuss and deliberate on the topics to be taught to the students comprehensively. Teachers are active participants with the relevant views and ideas, thereby equipping themselves with adequate knowledge and understanding of the topics. Then try to incorporate and relate the topics with the present social scenario or the daily life situation. This process enables the teacher to be competent and confident about their subjects that without any materials in the classrooms, they are able to hold the attention of all the students, as all concepts/ points deliberated/ exchange of views by colleagues, are fresh in their minds. Apart from these, the type of projects and activities are also planned either for a student or a group. This project or activity interconnects all the subjects, consequently children develop correct aptitude and attitude at the school level Schooling is a joyful experience as pedagogy is integrated with technology. Smart classroom with e-board facility enhance the quality of education imparted. Note taking is taught to the students even at the primary level. This enables them to analyze and reason out while learning.


RKV also plays extensive emphasis on sports and extra -curricular activities. Specialized and experienced coaches are deployed in a wide spectrum of sporting disciplines. The School participates and excels in various inter school sports tournaments.

The students who enroll here as a mere seedling is transformed into a responsible citizen as the years roll by under the TENDER LOVING CARE put in by us. The parents will notice the gradual progress of the child with interest and appreciate the way their child is progressing.

We wish the children happy years at RKV Senior Secondary School.


R.Roja Ramani