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R.K.V. Senior Secondary School was found by our beloved founder, late Sri. L. Dharmakannan in the year 1972. The luminary started 3 schools in 1970’s with a dedicated aim of educating the children in Coimbatore as well as in Thirunelveli district. He who made central board syllabus possible for all the people even at those times. The legendary was an eminent patriot, a freedom fighter and a significant journalist, who loved the country to a great extent and involved himself in many social services.

It was humbly started with merely thirty students. Due to his assiduous hard work, in a short time more than 600 students were enrolled. In 1974, he systematized hostel facility for the students those who are in need. With the sincere and tremendous efforts of our beloved founder, the school has reached to the extent of development with the strength of more than thousand five hundred students. The school has developed in so many ways that the long cherished dreams of our beloved founder, has come true. With this gracious blessing we get in on the act into our 50th victorious academic year GOLDEN JUBILEE CELEBRATION