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"The home of Tomorrow’s leaders" is our Motto.

Time has 3 important impressions in itself- The Past, Present and Future. It ruled the past, hence it is called “History”, it ruled the present, and hence called “Development” and it is always prepared to rule the future. Hence, we call it “Vision”.

Our Late Founder Shri.L.Dharmakannan’s vision in 1972 is history in 2015. We strive to turn this history into vision by creating a sound environment for students to enable them to meet the emerging challenges of globalization, we equip our children to work towards value addition in upgrading themselves to become capable of handling those challenges.

Empowered by idealism, our students become the effective instrument of change who strive to create a world free of poverty, unemployment, inequity and exploitation, gender, race and language, creating an utopian world ready to be conquered. We enable students to become independent thinkers, preparing them holistically to face the multicultural world of the 21st century. Our projects and activities interconnects all subjects, enabling them to develop correct aptitude and attitude.

We ensure that students who enroll here as mere seedlings are transformed into responsible citizens under our tender care. I hope the parents will notice the gradual progress of the child with interest and appreciate the way their child is progressing.

I wish each child happy years at RKV Senior Secondary School.