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About RKV

We deem it a great privilege to be at the helm of affairs at RKV Senior Secondary School, One of the finest institution in the State. The name and fame, the school enjoys today is the result of the hardwork put is by a team of dedicated and highly qualified teachers and talented students.

Teachers play a pivotal role in the personal growth and well being of the students as they expose them to a complex range of skills and help them identify and develop their potential and talents. Skills based assessment and experiential learning is the norm of our School. We are of the firm belief that every child is unique and has different learning styles and it is the process of learning that should take precedence over learning.


We look forward to a successful

As per the norms and guidelines of the CBSE, different tools of testing like Class test, Assignments, Projects, Group discussions, Quiz and Worksheets etc……… are given to the students for continuous and comprehensive evaluation.

The formative assessment monitors the students progress is a non threatening, supportive environment. It also encourages students to judge their work and also support their “Peer group”. The summative assessment which is carried out at the end of the courage of learning, measures how much a student has learned from the course.


"The home of Tomorrow’s leaders" is our Motto.

Time has 3 important impressions in itself- The Past, Present and Future. It ruled the past, hence it is called “History”, it ruled the present, and hence called “Development” and it is always prepared to rule the future. Hence, we call it “Vision”.

Our Late Founder Shri.L.Dharmakannan’s vision in 1972 is history in 2015. We strive to turn this history into vision by creating a sound environment for students to enable them to meet the emerging challenges of globalization, we equip our children to work towards value addition in upgrading themselves to become capable of handling those challenges.

Empowered by idealism, our students become the effective instrument of change who strive to create a world free of poverty, unemployment, inequity and exploitation, gender, race and language, creating an utopian world ready to be conquered. We enable students to become independent thinkers, preparing them holistically to face the multicultural world of the 21st century. Our projects and activities interconnects all subjects, enabling them to develop correct aptitude and attitude.

We ensure that students who enroll here as mere seedlings are transformed into responsible citizens under our tender care. I hope the parents will notice the gradual progress of the child with interest and appreciate the way their child is progressing.

I wish each child happy years at RKV Senior Secondary School.





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Best Wishes,


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Vision of RKV is to create an educational experience for the students, wherein the students are not only prepared intellectually but also stabilized emotionally and made confident to thrive in the competitive world. Students are given strong insights into both theoretical and practical aspects of life, taking the standers to global level. Power of mind is enhanced and intellect is expanded which will help students to expand on their own feet. To empower students acquire knowledge and skills that will support them as life – long leasness and contribute to the global world, practicing the care values of respect, tolerance and excellence.

To enable learners gain access to quality learning by providing a highly inclusive learning environment, enriching resources, highly effective teachers and varied opportunities for community participation.


To provide high quality education that gives children the knowledge, skills and values as preparation to rise to the future challenges and to make the most of the opportunities ahead of them.

To inspire young minds to think creatively and laterally solve problems and develop a life long enthusiasm for learning.

To encourage exchange programme in learning sports culture.

To provide a safe and secure environment in which each child can enjoy learning and achieve excellence.